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Enerpet offer a wide range of products for the different artificial lift methods, adapting to the reservoir conditions and focused on customer needs.


The same way, the company is responsible for the supply of artificial lift systems high quality, performance and efficiency.

Artificial Lift


Ability to operate at low pressures and get high capacity displaced volumen Economy in reparations and maintenance Ease to change and adjust the production rate through the change of pumping rate or (SPM) strokes per minute It can be controled and monitored remotely through optimization systems availables


Suitable for horizontal and vertical wells, except in highly deviated and directional Wells

The progressive cavity pumping system is based in a positive displacement pump consisting of two internal helical gears between the rotor and stator whose geometry enables it to constitute a series of identical cavities spaced apart and rotating the rotor (worm N steps) within the stator, these cavities are moved axially from one to another stator end creating pumping action.

Conventional Beam Pumping
Mechanical Properties
Progressive Cavity Pumping (PCP)
Electrical Submersible Pumping (ESP)

The electrical submersible pumping system uses electrical energy converted in mechanical energy to lift a fluid column from a given level to the surface, discharging it at a given pressure.

It is a mechanism developed to transmitting reciprocal vertical motion to the sucker rod string and subsurface pump, becoming angular motion of the motor shaft in reciprocating oscillating motion applied to polished rod of system.

ENERPET provides subsurface pumps and accesories associated to beam pumping manufactured, according standard API 11AX. We are experts in desing and manufacturing of subsurface pumps appropiate by geografic and wells conditions. We support our costumers increasing well production and reducing operational and maintenance costs associated. We handle flexible and shorts delivery times according customers requirements

Sucker Rod

Enerpet provides conventional sucker rods manufactured in compliance with API 11B standart, guaranteeing the highest quiality product, the same way, we count with short sucker rod (pony rods) and coples for pumping systems. All sucker rods are designed for high load conditions, corrosive enviroments, and excessive friction situations. We offer conventional sucker rods of main materials for regulary operation conditions (Grade C and Grade D). For higher criticality we have an H grade used for deep Wells and higher diameters of pump


  • Easy to operate and simple designs. Low energy comsuption.

  • Oil recovery speeds.

  • No problems in deviated, horizontals and vertical Wells.

  • It is possible to control and monitor operation parameters from downhole.

  • Greater volumetric efficiency.

  • Handling Viscous and abrasive fluid, with solids content.

  • No make emulsions or is blocked by Gas.


  • Medium, heavy and extra-heavy Oil.

  • Low, médium and high production rates

  • Sandy, paraffinic and viscous oils.

  • Verticals, deviated and horizontals Wells.

  • High water content oils.


  • Ability to handle high volumes

  • Easy to operate from surface

  • It works fine in deviated Wells

  • High deeps


  • Effective and economical to produce high fluid amounts

  • It works to medium and high deeps

  • It is successful to produce fluids with low oil and gas relation, though, it can works for oil with gas contents.

  • High viscocity fluids

  • High temperaturas wells

Full ESP surface equipment includes electric transmission and a team of background fluid pumping.

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