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Process and Compression Division

Gas Compression systems

Enerpet offers services from preliminary project design to installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation of gas compression systems paddles, reciprocating screws or Class 1, Division 2, API standards including:

  • Separation systems (scrubber)

  • Low compression systems (Booster)

  • High pressure compression systems

  • Technical training, overhauling, upgrading and equipment rental

Water Treatment Plants

Design, equipment fabrication, assembly and startup of plants for the treatment, reuse, and potabilization of industrial and domestic waters, that comes from the production of hydrocarbons for the drilling of oil and gas, with high environmental standards.

System that allows achieving quality, disposition, or injection  parameters for  reusable water quality,band that guarantees minimizing the effects from  corrosion, inlay and any other adverse effect against the process system and the decanting pipe.

We supply modular and portable capacities from 2,000 to 10,000 water barrels per day, with technological processes such as:

  • Fast electro flocculation, filtration and aeration 

  • Electro flocculation

  • Direct and indirect Electro-oxidation 

  • Chemical demineralization

  • Ultrafiltration Inverse osmosis 

  • Evaporation and crystallization

Principal Systems and Equipment
  • Filtration system (includes nutshell filters when this option is selected)

  • Water entry systems and water storage tanks

  • Drying bed and decanter tank

  • Micro flotation tanks

  • Pumps and engine systems for the different treatment steps

  • Automation systems and electrical support (electric room, control room, engines)

  • Treatment systems and muds storage

  • Residual oil storage 

  • Chemical injection systems 

  • Complementary system for the pumping to the injection plant (Booster water injection pump, principal water injection pumps)

Generaring Machines
Enerpet - Water Treatment Plant-1
Enerpet - Water Treatment Plant-1
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Enerpet - Water Treatment Plant-3
Enerpet - Water Treatment Plant-3
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Enerpet - Water Treatment Plant-2
Enerpet - Water Treatment Plant-2
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  • Internal combustion Engines

    • Governor

  • Turbines

    • Turbine control systems

  • Generators

    • Excitation

    • Generator protection Relays

    • Timing relays

    • Generator breaker

    • Protection Relay Switch

  • Fire detection and suppression Systems

  • Auxiliary Services

    • Lighting System

    • Cooling water (cooling towers)

    • Backup power plants.

    • Industrial Air System

Instrumentation of Air Compression Systems

As a complement to the product line for the oil and gas industry, Enerpet provides: conceptual design, engineering, components procurement, manufacturing, field installation assistance, and commissioning of air compression systems.


The compression system and air treatment (Class 1, Div. II) includes drying air type refrigerated or regenerative system, air cooling and storage for proper air supply according to the needs of your company


The extensive experience of our company over the years in the oil and gas industry gives us the ability to offer our customers compression tailored equipment and to develop optimal projects to your specific needs.

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Hydrocarbons Measurement Units

Enerpet designs and manufactures Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Unit (LACT) in its own packaging plant for the Oil & Gas industry, with the highest quality standards, using the instrumentation and control brands accepted by most important oil companies.


We also offer measurement units (no custody transfer) for crude, gas and refined petroleum products.


Each of our units are designed and simulated using finite element analysis software and computational fluid dynamics, ensuring the hydraulic behavior that meet with standard and technical requirements.


Our units are designed with positive displacement meters, turbine meters, ultrasonic meters or Coriolis technology.


Enerpet has the capacity to transport, assemble, commission and start up our units throughout Latin America.

Pumping Systems

Enerpet offers Pumping packages for production, optimization, drilling, service, designing and integrating appropriate components to meet customer specifications. We are able to integrate pumping equipment from 25-2400 BHP in various configurations:

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Vacuum Trucks

Enerpet designs and packetizes vacuum trucks ensuring reliability and versatility for various applications in the oil industry, whether it is for environmental remediation, transportation of hazardous liquids or hydrocarbons.

The Enerpet vacuum systems are manufactured for safe handling of any substance complying with the highest international standards as US-DOT and ASME.

Main Features
  • Tandem Axle Truck 5 Ton to 19 Ton

  • Triplex pump for injection pressures up to 6500 PSI (optional)

  • Tank from 5 M (30BBL) to 16 M (100BBL)

  • Certification DOT 407/412 and ASME (optional)

  • Digital Tachometers cabin pump or

  • Electro pneumatic pumps

Main Comptetitive Advantage
  • Advanced technology in trucks, engines, pumps and compressors

  • High experience in sales, installation and vacuum start systems

  • Manufacturing Custom-Made according to specific requests

  • After-sales support and an agile technical assistance

  • ASME Certification and DOT 407/412

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