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Speed Control Solutions For Electric  Motors

Enerpet provides speed control solutions for electric motors in applications for Oil & Gas and the general industry.

  • Packaged solutions for artificial lift systems, and speed control systems for electric motors

  • Applicable to DC y AC motors

  • Power from 0.7 hp up to 3000 hp

  • Solutions for medium and low voltage

  • Construction and Integration in cabinets for different classified areas and petrochemical environments

  • International norms and standards compliance

  • Integrated solutions designed to meet the standard IEEE 519 TDD <5% and TDH <5%

  • Integration of solutions including EMC filters dV /dT, sinus, and line reactors

  • Services, Installation, and Commissioning on site for all our systems

Enerpet has extensive knowledge and experience in solutions for speed control for oil production equipment, mechanical pumping units and progressive cavity pumps, integrating these solutions to monitoring systems and implementing production field optimization strategies.

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